• Close all blinds and lock the sliding glass door.
  • Leave all thermostats at 0 degrees or the lowest setting they will go.
  • Turn off fireplace (leave pilot lit).
  • Remove all tapes from VCRs and CDs from the stereo.
  • Turn appliances off (not the fridge).
  • Empty fridge and take all leftover food with you.
  • Please double-check to be sure you have not forgotten anything.
  • Leave one set of keys on the coffee table.
  • Return outside parking pass and leave it on the coffee table.
  • Lock the door when you leave.
  • Drop the second set of keys in the lock box #5 outside the lobby door.


  • All household garbage must be put securely tied in plastic bags and placed in the brown garbage bin outside the garage door.  Recyclables such as cardboard, newspapers, cans and bottles are to be put in the blue recycle bin adjacent to the brown garbage bin.


The unit must be cleaned before you check out.  Cleaning supplies are provided and there is a vacuum cleaner.  Please leave the unit as you found it, specifically:

  • Kitchen counters and sink wiped clean.
  • Microwave wiped clean
  • Stove cleaned
  • Other kitchen appliances cleaned (coffee maker, toasters, etc).
  • All clean dishes put away in the cupboards
  • Put dirty dishes in dishwasher and start dishwasher before you leave.
  • Empty fridge and clean spills in fridge if any.
  • Empty all garbage containers and put clean bag in containers.
  • Kitchen floor and bathroom floors wiped clean.
  • Both shower stalls, bathroom sinks and bathroom mirrors cleaned and wiped dry.
  • Both toilets cleaned
  • Leave beds tidy, as you found them.
  • Carpets vacuumed.
  • Please put all furniture in the same place as you found it.

NOTE: If you are using the cleaning service, the unit will be cleaned after you leave.  However, your check out time will be 1:00 pm instead of 4:00 pm to allow sufficient time to clean the unit before the next guests check in.  The cleaning service fee is $75.

Damage or Failure to Clean Up

•    The condo will be inspected after you check out to ensure that all is in order for the next guests. 
•    If the unit has not been cleaned acceptably, a minimum fee of $150 will be charged.
•    If any damage is found, the cost of repairing the damage will be charged. 
•    If the keys are not returned, the cost of replacing them will be charged as well.
•    In any of the above cases, your damage deposit cheque will be cashed in.  Any money left over after repairing the damage or cleaning the unit will be returned to the renters.

•    If you find the unit to be in less than perfect condition (not cleaned, damaged) please call us immediately.  We will make every attempt to make it right.