We will e-mail or phone you with the code for the lock box within one week of your arrival. Key box #5 is located by the lobby door.  If you are arriving after dark, it would be useful to have a flash light.                                                                                

key box
To open:

Please note that the pegs are vertically numbered. If it is dark you may not be able to see the numbers clearly.
Enter the code.
Pull down on ‘open’ switch
Remove cover and take out keys (be careful that keys do not fall out of the box and through the grate)   

  • This set will contain 3 keys:
    • One key for entrance to the unit 204
    • One key labeled EXT for entrance to lobby, and entrance to rental ski lockers.
    • One key for the rental ski locker #16.

You will find another set of keys in the basket on the coffee table inside the condo.

To close:

Again enter the code
Reinsert the cover, bottom first into box while pulling down on the ‘open’ switch
If unsuccessful, start over by pressing ‘clear’ switch and repeat above instructions

Leave one set of keys in the lock box on your departure.  Follow above instructions and take care that keys do not fall out of box as you are closing it.  Leave the other set in the basket on the coffee table in the condo. 
If keys are not returned, then your damage deposit will be in jeopardy.