• The building has secure underground parking.  There is one parking space for each unit.  The parking space for unit 204 is #10 located at the far end of the garage on the right.  Use this space only.  To open the garage door, go through the lobby to the garage.  There are controls for the automatic garage door located on the first pole by the garage door.  Press the button to open the garage door.  It is on a timer and will close automatically.
  • If you have another vehicle, you can park it outside the building.  You cannot park more than one vehicle in the outside parking lot.  One the coffee table, you will find one pass for the outside parking lot.  All other vehicles must use the Strathcona Park parking lot at the bottom of Henry Road.

Ski and Snowboard Storage:

  • All skis, boards and poles must be stored in the rental storage locker room.  The door to this locker room is located outside, by the lobby entrance.  You will have a key for locker16 in your key set.  The building rules are strict: no skis, poles or boards in the building halls or in units.